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PNC Improvements - 2011

PNC Improvements - 2011
Process Improvements:
[1] Replaced old Tin Bath on Pattern plating line with a new and improved version for current latest PCB technology.
[2] Replaced old Tin stripper Bath with a new and improved version from Electrochemical. This new bath does not sludge out and
also, it is much better and improved version than what we previously had from PCI.
[3] New Water Circulation and Filtration system was installed on Film Strip line which removes most film particles so Nozzles does
not get clogged on Ringe water.
[4] Vibration System was installed on 5 tanks in plating line for better plating on Micro vias holes and for elimination of pitted
plating and mouse bites on surface/traces.
[5] New software was purchased for chemical analysis with SPC capabilities and various reporting capabilities.
[6] For better adhesion of Solder Mask on ENIG job, new process was installed after Aluminum Oxide and prior to Ringe/Dryer.
This process was tested and proven prior to final permanent installation.
[7] New Cu Bus Bar were purchased to replace all old one in plating Tanks. With total investment over $10,000
[8] New Racks are being tested now for ease of loading/unloading and for even plating purpose.
Building Improvements:
[1] Every single bathroom was completely re-done in production and office areas.
[2] Drilling Room was completely remodeled with New Ceiling, Lights, Colors, HVAC Ducts and Electrical work.
[3] Final Inspection Room was completely remodeled with New Ceiling, Lights, Colors, HVAC Ducts and Electrical work.
[4] Chemical Lab was completely remodeled with New Ceiling, Exhausts, Lights, Colors, HVAC Ducts and Electrical work.
New Hires:
Total 12 new employees were added in 2011, 3 of them with Master’s Degree in Chemical, Electrical and Electronics and MBA in
marketing fields.
New Equipment Purchased:
[1] New GIGA8888, 8 Spindle CNC Drilling Machine was Purchased
[2] Purchased Excellon MK VI Driller/Router
[3] Purchased new state of the art latest “Hollmuller etcher” from Germany
[4] Manufacturing Software upgrade to 64 bit system, D9 from Bacon Software, With Inventory control, purchasing, RMA, SCAR
[5] Scoring Machine – March, 2011, Order was placed on 3/15/2011
[6] Post Etch Punch – March, 2011, Order was placed on 3/23/2011
[7] Laser for SMT stencil – April, 2011
[8] Resist stripper – Sept, 2011
[9] Part Washer – Nov, 2011
New Raw Materials:
PNC is currently testing High Tg 175, New VT-47 Laminates for Multi-layer and double sided PC Boards.
The following changes were made in last two months of 2011
[1] New and improved Etching chemistry starting 12/1/2011. This will hold higher Cu, better wall etching quality, better yield.
[2] New Inner Layer cleaning line that can handle 2 mil core
[3] New Tin Stripper Machine with improved chemistry from OMG
[4] Change HASL and LF‐ HASL Baths (Installation Date :12/23/11)
[5] Added New Etching controller
[6] Bough new Air knives set for Lead Free HASL for flat soldering (Installation Date:12/10/11)
[7] Ordered triple Roller Fluxer for fine line SMT PCBs(Installation Date: 12/28/11)
[8]Hired Process Engineer with 25+ yrs. of experience in various well known PCB shops in USA

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