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PNC Improvements - 2011

PNC Improvements - 2011
Process Improvements:
[1] Replaced old Tin Bath on Pattern plating line with a new and improved version for current latest PCB technology.
[2] Replaced old Tin stripper Bath with a new and improved version from Electrochemical. This new bath does not sludge out and
also, it is much better and improved version than what we previously had from PCI.
[3] New Water Circulation and Filtration system was installed on Film Strip line which removes most film particles so Nozzles does
not get clogged on Ringe water.
[4] Vibration System was installed on 5 tanks in plating line for better plating on Micro vias holes and for elimination of pitted
plating and mouse bites on surface/traces.
[5] New software was purchased for chemical analysis with SPC capabilities and various reporting capabilities.
[6] For better adhesion of Solder Mask on ENIG job, new process was installed after Aluminum Oxide and prior to Ringe/Dryer.
This process was tested and proven prior to final permanent installation.
[7] New Cu Bus Bar were purchased to replace all old one in plating Tanks. With total investment over $10,000
[8] New Racks are being tested now for ease of loading/unloading and for even plating purpose.
Building Improvements:
[1] Every single bathroom was completely re-done in production and office areas.
[2] Drilling Room was completely remodeled with New Ceiling, Lights, Colors, HVAC Ducts and Electrical work.
[3] Final Inspection Room was completely remodeled with New Ceiling, Lights, Colors, HVAC Ducts and Electrical work.
[4] Chemical Lab was completely remodeled with New Ceiling, Exhausts, Lights, Colors, HVAC Ducts and Electrical work.
New Hires:
Total 12 new employees were added in 2011, 3 of them with Master’s Degree in Chemical, Electrical and Electronics and MBA in
marketing fields.
New Equipment Purchased:
[1] New GIGA8888, 8 Spindle CNC Drilling Machine was Purchased
[2] Purchased Excellon MK VI Driller/Router
[3] Purchased new state of the art latest “Hollmuller etcher” from Germany
[4] Manufacturing Software upgrade to 64 bit system, D9 from Bacon Software, With Inventory control, purchasing, RMA, SCAR
[5] Scoring Machine – March, 2011, Order was placed on 3/15/2011
[6] Post Etch Punch – March, 2011, Order was placed on 3/23/2011
[7] Laser for SMT stencil – April, 2011
[8] Resist stripper – Sept, 2011
[9] Part Washer – Nov, 2011
New Raw Materials:
PNC is currently testing High Tg 175, New VT-47 Laminates for Multi-layer and double sided PC Boards.
The following changes were made in last two months of 2011
[1] New and improved Etching chemistry starting 12/1/2011. This will hold higher Cu, better wall etching quality, better yield.
[2] New Inner Layer cleaning line that can handle 2 mil core
[3] New Tin Stripper Machine with improved chemistry from OMG
[4] Change HASL and LF‐ HASL Baths (Installation Date :12/23/11)
[5] Added New Etching controller
[6] Bough new Air knives set for Lead Free HASL for flat soldering (Installation Date:12/10/11)
[7] Ordered triple Roller Fluxer for fine line SMT PCBs(Installation Date: 12/28/11)
[8]Hired Process Engineer with 25+ yrs. of experience in various well known PCB shops in USA

RoHs Compliant PCBs from PNC Inc.

RoHs Compliant PCBs from PNC Inc.


RoHS Compliant

PNC Inc. is currently manufacturing RoHS compliant PCBs. We are currently using ISOLA (for multilayer and double-sided PCB’s) and NANYA (for double-sided PCB’s) brand products to manufacture our RoHS compliant PCBs. Although not limited to these brands, we are always looking for more product options to better serve you.


We can provide you with UL approved PCB's boards with a variety of final finishes that meet the requirements of RoHS, REACH and Conflict Metals regulations

Since the adoption of the RoHS directive two additional regulations have been enacted that have had a significant effect on the PCB manufacturing industry; REACH by the EU and the Conflict Metals initiative in the USA. RoHS has matured through the last few years and the majority of the concerns voiced early on have not materialized. Similar legislative action has taken place in the Asian Pacific region including China and Japan among others. In the US, California has restricted the sale of electronic devices that do not meet the RoHS directive.

RoHS or the restriction of hazardous substances focuses on the use of six specific substances; Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, Hexavalent Chromium, Polybrominated biphenyls and Polybrominated diphenylether. The last two are fire retardants used in several types of plastic. The amount of each substance used in a product is limited to a maximum concentration based on the weight of homogeneous material used in a product.

Our High Tg materials (ISOLA 370HR and IS410) are specially formulated for superior performance though multiple thermal excursions, passing 6x solder tests at 288 degrees C. These materials are also optimized for enhanced drilling performance allowing high aspect ratio holes down to 8 mils. in diameter. Their unique resin chemistry provides CAF resistance with the benefit of long-term reliability of boards built with small feature designs. Along with these attributes, they bring improved productivity with their standard cure system while using current fabrication techniques.