Friday, May 10, 2013

PC Boards - Board on Board with Ventilation Tunnels

Over the past two years, we have been seeing some really innovative and high Tech PCB layouts.  One case in general, was a Board Design that incorporated multiple ventilation tunnels within the layer structure of a Board on Board application.  What is Board on board?  The application was to mount 4 pieces of laminate together, with ventilation tunnels, over the top of a Double sided Board without air leakage between the layers.  Our biggest obstacle was to figure out how not to fill the vent tunnels with pre-preg during the lamination process.  After reviewing this Design, our staff came up with a process to laminate the two Boards together with a few uncommon processes.  Below you can view a cross section of the ventilation Tunnel through the layer structure, as well as the Board on Board view.

Vent Tunnel Cross Section:

Board on Board Bond:

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