Thursday, July 9, 2009


There are two major methods for drilling the first and most prominent is by drill bits and secondly by laser. Drill bits is by far the most used method.

The Drilling Process

Drilling is a critical operation as it starts the interconnect process. If holes are not properly drilled there can a major problem that may not be recognized until electrical test.
A customer provides a drill file, which has location and size. The size is adjusted to allow for plating.

The boards are stacked (stack height depends on drill size and board thickness) and are pinned together.

The program is loaded into the drill machine along with the required drills, and the panels.

The machine then drills all the required holes in the proper location.

There are certain items when considering the drill process, the feed rate of the drill which is how fast the drill will go down into the stack of boards and the speed, which is how fast the drill will spin or RPMs.

The last but by far not the least is the drill bit itself.

Drill bits are very important, they are often resharpened two or more times. This process, if not performed properly, can lead to defective drills which in turn can cause poor hole condition.

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